sheep corral panels

Height x Length:1000mm x 2.80mm;1170mm x 2750mm. Different specifications are available according to customers’ special Vertical Pipe:30x60x1.6mm/2.0mm;40x80x1.6mm/2.0mm  Oval pipe 40x40 x 1.6mm/2.0mm; 50x50x1.6mm/2.0mm square pipes 32mm O.Dx1.6mm/2.0mm;42mm O.Dx1.6mm/2.0mm;48mm O.Dx1.6mm/2.0mm round pipes round pipes Horizontal Pipe:

30x60x1.6mm/2.0mm,40x80x1.6mm/2.0mm,42x115mmx1.6mm/2.0mm Oval pipe.

40x40x1.6mm/2.0mm; 50x50x1.6mm/2.0mm square pipes

32mm O.Dx1.6mm/2.0mm;42mm O.D x1.6mm/2.0mm;48mm O.D x1.6mm/2.0mm round pipes

Design: --square vertical pipe/post, welding easy and firm, much durable, and it's more beautiful --oval horizontal rails, no sharp edge, can protect sheep and goat from getting hurt, high safety --lamb-proof rail spacing --middle braces for high strength and heavy duty --with welded top caps and foot plates, water and dust proof --welded "U" and "L" lugs for easy connection. The lugs are welded to bracket all four sides, very durable. --2xjoining pins are supplied for each panel Application: sheep corral panels is used in raising the animals,specially the cattle,the cow,the horse,the sheep etc.

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